Matt Souza

Meet Matt, an experienced nonprofit consultant and Salesforce professional with nearly a decade of expertise. With a background in both nonprofit consulting and sales/sales operations for a Fortune 500 company, Matt brings a unique perspective to help nonprofits thrive.

As a 3X certified Salesforce Professional, Matt possesses in-depth knowledge of the Salesforce ecosystem and a specialization in nonprofit consulting and sales operations. His proficiency in leveraging Salesforce technology to streamline operations and drive impact has empowered numerous nonprofits to achieve their goals.

In addition to Salesforce, Matt has a range of experience in e-commerce, digital marketing, and Learning Management Systems. 

Residing in Chicago with his wife and dog, Matt's passion extends beyond the professional realm. He is an avid runner and triathlete, constantly seeking new challenges. Matt's commitment to sharing his knowledge and empowering nonprofits fuels his dedication to creating positive change in the world.