Meet Our Team

Bonnie Hilory

Founder, Principal
Nonprofit Accelerator, LLC

Bonnie serves as first contact and project manager for all inquiries. She aligns the needs of the nonprofit to the skills of our associates. Bonnie has served nonprofits for more than 40 years in a variety of roles: program development, fundraising, marketing and communication, executive leadership,  brand management, board governance, and planning (from marketing plans to strategic planning) with implementation. 

Chris Adams

Friends of the Accelerator
Managing Partner

Adams & Duncan Law Firm has supported the Snohomish Community nonprofit sector for years.  Known for Navigating sound legal strategies for our clients in the Pacific Northwest for over 40 years, the Adams & Duncan Law Group is a resource to develop these unchartered waters during the COVID-19 crisis, which may include mergers, acquisitions and dissolution's. 

Melvin Givens

Givens & Associates 

Melvin specializes in marketing and communications, and working with several nonprofits and companies for more than 10 years to increase brand and event engagement. He's supported clients in the development and rebranding of websites and social media. He also leads trainings around collaborative marketing tools and inclusive strategies.

Abby Miller

Miller Data Solutions

Abby Miller, bCRE-Pro has a passion for The Raiser's Edge and helping others to fully utilize the software. She has over 10 years of experience using The Raiser's Edge, including two years in Customer Support at Blackbaud.

Abby holds two certificates with Raiser's Edge Blackbaud; Professional & Fundamentals. 

Bill Kaczaraba

Esperance Media, LLC

Bill Kaczaraba is a media and marketing veteran with 30 years of experience. Winner of four Emmy awards and a New York Film & Television Festival gold medal, Bill has been a high-level executive at major corporations such as CNN, FOX Sports, and Tribune Broadcasting. He has assisted nonprofit clients such as The Salvation Army and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill specializes in media production and training, website development, and digital content, and full-scale marketing and communications campaigns. He is currently earning a Masters of Science in Marketing.

Julie Bonner

Coeurbridge, LLC

Dr. Julie Bonner has an extensive background in business and information technology as an accounting professional. In 2016, Dr. Bonner started working with for profits and non-profits to provide accounting and finance support. The goal is to help educate and empower clients to handle their own finance and accounting tasks on their own, should they want to do so. We help clients to document processes and procedures so you can know exactly how to handle this important aspect of your business and make sure that your assets are well managed and protected. Dr. Bonner and her associates are Quickbooks Online and TSheets certified.

Brett Malen

Click Leads LLC

Brett Malen brings a wealth of experience to your digital marketing project. A native of St. Louis he was dropped off by the Navy in Seattle where he now enjoys the PNW’s great outdoors. Solving complex issues such as navigating the best camping spots or balancing the hectic lives of 3 children and a Veteran Owned business. Brett is a growing fixture in the digital marketing space in the Seattle area and would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss what makes you well… you!  At this time Brett is accepting clients who need to have their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results improved. 

Dr. Laura Portolese

DragonTail Enterprises, LLC 

Dr. Laura Portolese holds a Doctorate of Business Administration, is a certified Online Master Teacher, and also holds a certificate from Oregon State University in Instructional Design and Development. Her experience in needs assessments allows organizations to determine goals and pain points to come up with a comprehensive training program that supports the overall mission and vision of the organization. In addition, Laura can provide traditional classroom training, or develop online training programs in many areas, including leadership training and team building. Her approach is collaborative and interactive. Laura is the owner of DragonTail Enterprises, LLC, and has performed consulting work for companies like Microsoft. She has also written two books on human resource management, and a
book on leadership
She also teaches full-time at Central Washington University. 

Linda Kroner

LK Consulting

Linda  has 
 extensive and wide ranging experience in Human Resources. She has experience in all facets of Human Resources serving as a Director of Human Resources for over 20 years. She also has provided Human Resources consulting to a variety of organizations. She teaches Human Resources and Management at the college level. Her goal is to ensure that the organization has a Human Resources function that promotes teamwork, reduces conflict and enhances the goals of the organization. She holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Certificate in Labor Relations. In addition she has been trained as an interest basic conflict resolution facilitator.

Bill Hanson

BHD | Bill Hanson Design

Bill is a senior level visual designer with extensive experience driving the strategy and execution, of building and extending brands. Bill has years of demonstrated success driving creative consistency and quality, both online and offline, ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. Bill strives to create an emotional connection through visual communication with a service or product, and the target audience.

Gloria Morris

Special Project Director

Gloria Morris is an experienced human resources manager with expertise in organizational onboarding, performance evaluation and management, grievance resolution and employee relations. She has also done contract negotiations, supervisory training and has a particular affinity for investigating allegations of employee misconduct. Her skills include planning, project management, critical thinking and document review and editing. Gloria is specifically interested in fostering organizational excellence through fair and equitable treatment of employees, good customer service, and staff development. Gloria holds a master’s degree in management from the University of Phoenix and a BA degree in business administration from Pacific Lutheran University. 

Steven Ley


At Buzzbold, we promote purposeful and strategic organizational advancement through human-focused design, automated processes, and captivating digitally-facilitated experiences. Our clients' successes are evident in acceleration toward their missions and building new capacity, new revenue, and new relationships. Our contributions serve to deepen their connections, engagement, learning; and equip them for empowerment and strengthening of whole communities and the reduction of inequities. Founded by President Steven Ley, Buzzbold has been amplifying nonprofit culture and strengths through digital innovation since 2011. Buzzbold is a Registered Partner. Learn more at

Colin Peterson


Our core practices include custom software development and Modern Workplace collaboration tools such as Microsoft 365 and Google Suites. We strive to partner with clients to take away the roadblocks impeding their path to bring their initiatives to fruition.
About Devblock:
At Devblock, we bring extraordinary people together. Headquartered in Seattle, with offices in Manila and Ho Chi Minh, Devblock is a global technology consultancy offering end-to-end solutions. We support clients with business and technology strategy to execution of software and collaboration development. Our clients range from venture-backed startups to Fortune 500 enterprises where we work alongside business and organization leaders and innovators. Devblock expands and accelerates technology transformation while ultimately keeping humans and their experience in the center of it all. Our teams include world-class architects, creatives, product managers, and engineers, providing technology and business acumen. We bring a wide range of valuable perspectives, experiences, and expertise to every relationship to create solutions that drive businesses towards their goals efficiently and effectively.